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Can I buy more than one item at a time?
Can I order favor samples or less than the minimum quantity?
Can I pay extra to get my order faster using expedited shipping?
Can I personalize my item / order?
Can orders be cancelled?
Color variations?
Damaged Items?
Do you have a catalog?
Do you ship to Canada or internationally?
Engraved/Personalized Items
How do I track my order?
How long after I place my order will I receive it?
How much does shipping cost?
Is it safe to use my credit card to order online?
Is the product I want in stock?
Missing Items?
What happens if I give the wrong shipping address? (Note: We cannot deliver to PO boxes)
What is your guarantee?
What is your Return Policy? (Please read this section carefully)
What kind of payment methods do you accept?
Why do I get an Address Verification (AVS) error when trying to order with my credit card?
Why do I need to submit a Credit Card Authorization form?
Will you share my personal information with other companies?