What to Wear to a Wedding

It is exciting to receive the wedding invitation of a family member, close friend or colleague. However, deciding what to wear for the occasion is usually less exciting for most people. Although there are general rules to follow such as not wearing white or overly revealing clothing, many people still find it difficult to piece together the perfect wedding attire. If you are having some difficulty in choosing what to wear to a wedding, here are some suggestions you can try for different types of weddings.

What to Wear to a Wedding

1. Daytime Wedding

A daytime wedding takes place in the afternoons and is generally regarded as a semi-formal or informal event. If you are a man attending such a wedding, a dark suit paired with a brightly colored shirt would be the most appropriate. Another option to try is a blazer matched with a shirt and a pair of trousers. Ladies can wear a fitted floral dress or a sweater and skirt combination. These can be worn on sandals, heels or sling-backs. If you feel like it, you can accessorize with a hat that suits the outfit. Other appropriate accessories include a clutch bag or purse.

2. Evening Wedding

Most ladies like to play it safe by wearing fancy dresses or gowns to evening weddings. However, there are other great options that can be worn such as a non-provocative cocktail dress or even a cocktail suit. Whatever you decide, be sure that you avoid white and sophisticated colors, as well as things like sparkles, beads, and sequins. For the men, a tuxedo is just the right attire for an evening wedding. The tuxedo should be worn with clean shoes that match the color of the belt worn, with or without a bow tie. 

3. Formal Wedding

If the invitation says it is a black or white tie wedding, then you should be prepared to dress in a formal manner. This would mean a white pique vest, bow tie, black tuxedo, a jacket with a tail and well-polished shoes for men. However, if a black tuxedo is not available, the next best option would be a dark-colored, formal suit with appropriate shoes. Ladies, on the other hand, can wear a full-length, neutral colored ball gown, matched with light makeup and jewelry. The dress should be long enough to cover the ankles but not too long that it sweeps the floor. 

4. Beach Wedding

With a beach wedding, ladies should wear something smart and beach-friendly. A summer sundress matched with flat sandals and minimal makeup is an example of the perfect beach ensemble. For the men, a summer suit paired with a linen shirt and comfortable smart shoes is one option they can try. Another great option is khaki or linen trousers, dress shirts and sandals, loafers or formal shoes. Wearing any sort of tie to a beach wedding is generally not required.

Be sure to give these great options a try if you are looking for what to wear to a wedding. These wedding outfits are designed in a way that does not take the spotlight away from the bride and groom but makes you stand out!