Unique and Beautiful Wedding Canopy Ideas

Your wedding day is the start of a new journey, and like all other journeys, it is one you always want to look back to, fondly. The success and beauty of your wedding ceremony is a culmination of all aspects of the ceremony including the canopy at your wedding venue. We know you want a beautiful wedding, but we also know you want something unique so, your event is forever etched in the memories of those who attend, and of course in your memory too. So, we’ve outlined below, six unique and beautiful wedding canopy ideas that will add elegance to your wedding.

Unique and Beautiful Wedding Canopy Ideas

1. Use an Elegant Floral Canopy

If you are a person who fancies roses and chandeliers, this could be your best bet. This canopy is made with drapes, chandeliers, and roses. With a canopy such as this, you are sure to have a picture perfect flora backgrounds that provide the elegance of royals.

2. Wow Your Guests With Floating Wedding Canopies

You can have your wedding canopy made with fabrics and balloons, and suspended in the air. Also, you can settle for a range of colors, a blend of two or three colors or just one color. This canopy will leave people wondering what could be holding it in place but, that is the beauty of magic – the mystery.

3. Never Go Wrong With A Paper Pinwheel Canopy

If you like colors and a playful ambiance, this option is for you. This canopy style is made by decorating your wedding canopy with colorful paper pinwheels and ice cream cones. You can use a variety of colors of your choosing – it could be a mix of bright colors or dark colors, or you can tone it down to a blend of two colors. The paper pinwheel canopy gives off the feel of a beautiful Carnival wedding.

4. Switch Things Up With The Ribbon Streamers Canopy

We have seen people use ribbon streamers for photo-shoots and exit props. However, you can also switch things up by creating a wedding canopy from ribbon streamers; this is a beautiful, easy and unique way to set up your wedding canopy. The ribbon streamers canopy provides a fascinating picturesque scenery that leaves you and your guest in awe.

5. Show Your Love For Nature With Tree Tunnel Canopy

If you love nature, you can walk through a tunnel, created by trees on parallel sides with branches forming shades, instead of a regular aisle. The trees will run through your entrance to the point where you make your vows, ending with a tree branch canopy. You can go a step further and beautify the trees with twinkle lights of varying colors.

6. Exude Elegance With Glass Backdrop Canopies

A glass backdrop canopy can give your wedding a feel of elegance and magical while reflecting your personal style. To make the glass backdrop canopy more elegant, you can throw in floral decorations around the pillars of the canopy.

Your wedding canopy is one of the major highlights of your wedding venue, and so should stand out. Choose from any of these wedding canopy ideas to enhance your wedding venue decoration, and add to the elegance of your wedding ceremony.