Must Have And Unique Wedding Photos You Shouldn't Miss

Like every other special event, weddings come and go. In the end, all you’ll have are the memories of your special day. While it will be easier to live with the reality of not keeping memories of that vacation you had with your best friend in the Caribbean, having no memories saved from your wedding day is a lot more painful. In light of preserving wedding memories, we’ve compiled a list of must-have, unique wedding photos you shouldn't miss taking on your wedding day.

Must Have And Unique Wedding Photos You Shouldn't Miss

1. Pictures of Your Invitation Cards

Every wedding celebrations starts with the couple accepting to get married and then inviting people to come and be part of their day. Thus, photographs of your wedding invitation cards are a must have for your wedding album, as it is one of the first steps for your wedding ceremony.

2. Photographs of You And Your Spouse Getting Set

You do not want to have this piece of memory forgotten in the pile of so many others. Have your photographer capture your last moments as singles, just before you and your spouse walk down the aisle.

3. Pictures of Your Wedding Bands

True, your wedding bands are probably going to be with you forever. However, a picture of you and your spouse’s wedding bands deserves a special place in your wedding album. Don't miss it!

4. Pictures of All Wedding Clothing and Accessories

Your wedding clothing and accessories are part of what make your wedding glamorous. So, you should get your photographer to take photos of your dress, tuxedo, shoes, jewelry, make-up and other accessories.

5. Photos of When You Are All Glammed Up

When you are dressed and wholly made up, you should have pictures of that moment. Your photographer should take pictures of your styled hair, made up face and then, a full picture. If you are the groom, photographs of yourself in your tux, and when fully dressed, should be taken.

6. Personal Portrait Photos

Take personal portrait photos, so you don’t miss out on what you and your spouse look like separately on your wedding day. You both will have so many pictures together, and do so much activity together you might end up not taking any personal photos of you.

7. Photographs of the First Look

The moment your spouse looks at you for the first time is one you don't want to miss. The first look is an intense moment, and the emotions should be captured forever in a photograph.

8. Photographs from When You Say Your Vows

The moment you make verbal promises of your for your partner is a moment you should definitely capture to remind you of your commitment to your spouse.

9. Photographs of the Kiss

What's a wedding album without the picture of the first kiss? You should never miss this moment. Need we say more!

10. Pictures of the First Dance

Your first official dance with your partner as a couple is another special moment your photographer must make sure is captured.

11. Pictures of the Wedding Venue Paraphernalia

There are details you might be too carried away to take a proper look at, but should be captured. These include photographs of the wedding location when it's all set, the decorations, the centerpieces, sitting arrangement, and the food.

12. Photographs of You and Your Spouse Being Goofy

A wedding might seem too formal with so many pictures of the couples looking tired from all the activity. Make sure to spice up your wedding album with a few goofy pictures.

These photo ideas are a must-have in your wedding album for preserving the memories of your big day. A creative photographer would take all of these shots, and more. But to be sure you don’t miss any of it, inform your photographer of the pictures you’d like before the event.