Beautiful Wedding Cake Alternatives To The Traditional White Wedding Cake

When planning a wedding, doing all the regular things that are regarded as wedding traditions can be boring. However, these wedding customs are not set in stone. It’s your day, and you are allowed to make personal changes that reflect your true personality. For instance, you could decide to have your wedding in a unique location, instead of the church.

Beautiful Wedding Cake Alternatives To The Traditional White Wedding Cake

The traditional white wedding cake is one of those traditions a lot of people still uphold, which you can decide not to follow. Although beautiful in its own right, you don’t have to have a white, tall and tiered cake for your wedding ceremony, if you don’t want to. 

7 Cake Alternative That Will Make Your Wedding Unique

The traditional white wedding cake will probably never go out of style. But, there are other alternatives you can choose from – really beautiful options that are both pocket-friendly and unique. Outlined below is our list of beautiful wedding cake alternatives to the traditional white wedding cake, which you can choose from or use as inspiration for yours. 

1. Doughnut Towers

In place of the traditional wedding cake, you can have a tower of doughnuts. You can arrange this in a pyramid or make it into tiers or whatever forms you like. You should also get creative with the fillings and toppings. You can decide to go colorful with the toppings of your doughnuts to make it more attractive.

2. Oreo Cookies Cake

If you love cookies, this cake alternative is definitely for you. You can have your Oreo cookies set up into tiers to look like a cake. The Oreo cookies arrangement gives off a very rich brown coloring with white interspaces. You can have as many tiers are you want.

3. Cupcakes Tower

Unlike the traditional white wedding cake, everybody can get to eat out of your wedding cake with cupcakes. You can have many flavors of cupcakes arranged beautifully to wow your guest. Cupcakes are definitely a great alternative cake that will go round compared to the traditional wedding cake we know.

4. Cake Pops

Cake pops are little cakes made to look like lollypop candies. They look just as beautiful as they taste. You can make lots of cake pops and arrange them into two tiers or more. If you don’t want them in layers, you can also have them arranged in other ways you deem beautiful and expressive of your personality.

5. Cheese Wedding Cakes

You can use this alternative and still come off as not very unconventional. If you are scared of taking too much risk with your wedding cake, a cheese cake is a very excellent choice for your day. Cheese cakes can easily be made and designed to suit your personality.

6. Bundt Cake

Like cheese cakes, this is an excellent choice if you like to play it safe. Bundt cake covered in frosting with any wedding design such as “just married,” or “we do,” is a definite show stopper.

7. Wedding Pancake Towers

You probably never thought you could use the pancakes you love so much as a substitute wedding cake. Well, you can. All you need do is make your favorite pancakes and arrange into towers or tiers with decorations such as syrups, chocolate ganache, strawberries or roses.

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life, and these unique cake ideas will make it a truly memorable one. You can also include other non-traditional ideas, such as these unique table centerpieces  or browse through our store for unique wedding items.