25 Unique Marriage Proposals

The decision to move your relationship with the love of your life from courtship to marriage can be exciting and a little unnerving. Making the proposal unique and memorable can be one of your source of anxiety. But, don’t you worry, as we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will provide you with a series of unique proposal ideas – from public and thoughtful ideas that would wow your partner to private and playful ideas your partner would not see coming

25 Unique Marriage Proposals

Public Proposal Ideas

These ideas are great for partners who wouldn’t mind being proposed to in front of strangers.

1. Propose in a Park:

This is perhaps one of the oldest methods of marriage proposals ever used. However, you can spice things up by getting a musical band to sing your lover’s favorite love song, and while she’s been wowed, you drop on your knees and pop the question.

2. Propose at the Cinema:

If your spouse is one who loves movies, proposing to him/her in a cinema is a brilliant idea. You can get in touch with cinema management and have your proposal with your spouse’s name pop up in the middle of a movie they’ve been looking forward to or just after the movie has ended. 

3. Travel Proposal:

This is best if your spouse is traveling for a course or a career advancement or returning from one. It’s also a great proposal idea when you are both going on a vacation trip. You can propose to them at the airport or train station. 

4. Ceremonious Proposals:

Say there is a ceremony to celebrate you or your spouse like a birthday party, promotion party, or graduation dinner, you can make a great impression by proposing during the event.

5. Propose at a Karaoke Bar:

If you and your partner enjoy singing, you can propose on one of the days you visit a karaoke bar. You can drop down on one knee while singing a love song you wrote for him or her then pop the question.

Private Proposals Ideas

These ideas are great for partners who are opposed to large gatherings and public spaces.

1. Home Surprise Proposal:

You can get a few friends and family together at your house and casually drive your spouse over to a surprise of friends and family wearing Tees with the inscription “will you marry me?” 

2. Propose Over Dinner:

After a delicious dinner, you can plant the engagement ring in your spouse’s dessert. Once they notice it, pop the question.

3. Slip On The Engagement Ring While They Sleep:

if your spouse is quite a deep sleeper, you can slip on the ring while they sleep and have them wake up to your kneeling frame and a bunch of flowers.

4. Propose At Your Spouse’s Favorite Spot:

The corners of your home where your partner always go to is a perfect proposal spot. For instance, if they are always grabbing something from the fridge, you can propose using magnetic letters on the refrigerator, and get them screaming yes.

5. Propose At Bedtime:

You can get your spouse to a sleepover and pull a surprise on them by making a “will you marry me” inscription that glows in the dark, on your bedroom ceiling or walls.