10 Unique Budget-Friendly Table Decoration Ideas

After your wedding ceremony at the church or court, you will proceed to the wedding reception to receive your guests and carry on with the party. Although hosting this wedding party usually costs so much money, you can always get around to spending lesser than you think and still have an exquisitely decorated wedding reception venue. One of the ways you can achieve this is by using unique table decorations that are budget-friendly; some of which we have compiled on the list below.

10 Unique Budget-Friendly Table Decoration Ideas

1. Glass Bottle Flower Vases

In place of expensive silverware flower vases, you can use inexpensive transparent glass bottles as center pieces. You only need to make sure they are clean and can nicely hold the flowers you want to place in them. For a beautiful look, you should use freshly-cut nice scenting flowers, and bottles of various shapes.

2. Custom-Made Gallon Growler

You can use custom-made gallon growler to decorate your reception tables, as well as make your wedding ceremony a lot more exciting for your guests.  On the gallons, you could write you and your spouse’s names or initials, your wedding hashtag and a “make us a wish” instruction. With this, your guests can write you and your spouse their wishes, and place them in the custom gallon growler on their tables.

3. Vintage Blackboard Frame

You can add a touch of vintage and class to your wedding reception by decorating your wedding reception tables with small vintage blackboard frames. You can write interesting details you want your guests to know about you and your spouse relationship on the boards. For instance, when you first met, where you had your first date, and more.

4. Beautiful Place Mats

You can have your wedding tables decorated with beautiful place mats that add color to the wedding ambiences. If you are planning to have a garden wedding, tropical place mats would be an excellent choice.

5. Floral Plates

You can enhance the look of your wedding table setting, without spending too much, by using beautifully-designed floral plates in place of more conventional plain plates. This will leave your guest awed and taking more pictures for the gram.

6. Table Pearls

Sprinkling table pearls can immediately transform the feel of your event from ordinary and bland to the stuff of fairy tales. You can choose the colors of pearls that will match with your overall wedding decoration.

7. Table Number Cards

Beautifully designed number cards will not only make your table beautiful, but also make your event more organized. It will make it easier for your guests to scan for and identify their tables quickly.

8. Mirror Center Pieces

What are fairy tale weddings without reflective pieces? While a lot of reflective pieces are expensive, you can easily substitute with fancy looking little mirrors arranged beautifully on the tables for a more affordable price.

9. Flameless Tea Lights

These are little fancy-looking, battery-powered flameless lights you can set on your reception tables. This lights give off a more romantic scenery and can serve as beautiful picture filters.

10. Candles

Of course, big candles can never go out of style. You can make your wedding look glamorous with beautifully arranged candles on the reception tables. This is best for indoor weddings during the cold season. 

With these inexpensive decoration ideas and unique wedding canopies, you can plan your wedding on a budget and still host a beautiful ceremony. You can browse through our store for unique reception decoration items, as well as other budget-friendly wedding things you may need.